N Seoul Tower: More than Magic

Định dạng bài viết: Tiêu chuẩn

A trip to N Seoul Tower of a flower witch and a grasshopper magician

Living peacefully so long in a flower, the Flower Witch feel bored and she wish we could have an adventurous trip outside. Fortunately, her friend, the Grasshopper Magician stopped by her house and told her: “Hey, I heard there is an interested place in Seoul that attracts many Korean and foreign tourists. Let’s go there and enjoy the world outside your flower”. Then the haughty witch gave her answer: “Ok, let’s see if it can attract me too, a dangerous and beautiful witch”.

The flower and the grasshopper left their natural world to discover artificial wonders. They vanished themselves into a human couple and started their adventure.

Instead of flying from their place to N Seoul Tower, they want to go adventurously to worth their transformer. So, they… stay in line and… waiting for bus. Because it is exactly the means of transportation human uses to get there. You know, to human, flying is a dream, but to a witch and a magician, taking a bus is an “experience” ^^, especially taking an… electric bus. They admired the way Seoul City hall making bus route for people. Because all of those Namsan Tour bus stop is near subway station, the clever way for people to define their position. “Fly to the sky” is a Korean pop band name and a dream of Korean people, but in the witch and the magician opinion, Korean people don’t need to fly ^^.

Namsan Tour electric bus

Following the beautiful road that surrounded by trees leading to the tower, they saw Seoul in early autumn with half of trees change their leaves to “half of red”. They thought that they must come here again in the middle of autumn to witness the 100% transformation of nature.

They found three attractions inside Seoul Tower: the Observatory, the Teddy Bear Museum and the Love Trees

Teddy Bear Museum

Children love Teddy bear, grown-up people love Teddy bear, witches and magicians love Teddy bear ^^. And, Korean people know how to use that lovely character to revive their past and their present appearances. Every day, thousands of people come to N Seoul Tower. In order to arrange the sequence of waiting people, the entrance ticket gives everybody a number. While waiting for their turns to get in the sky elevator, Teddy bear museum is the best choice to enjoy waiting time. There are two halls with 2 different themes. The First Hall is “Seoul the Past” and the Second Hall is “Seoul the Present”.

The First Hall: “Seoul the Past”:

The main theme in here is Seoul in the Chosun Dynasty (the last imperial dynasty and also one of the longest dynasties of Korean history). Seoul, that was named Hanyang, was also the capital. The witch and the magician was so surprised and admired at every work displayed. They saw Teddy building their capital, Teddy learning in a traditional school, Teddy, the King in his palace life, Teddy, the ordinary people with their house, their market, their meals… Every model is made in large scale while it still expresses every character in his/her attitude, gesture and in his/her job lively and minutely.

Teddy bear is building Hanyang captital

Teddy bear is studying in a traditional school

Teddy King goes traveling

Palace kitchen for the King

An ordinary Teddy bear and his house

When electricity came to Chosun Dysnasty…

The Second Hall: “Seoul the Present”:

Teddy now conveys modern Korean people’s lives shot and their spirits through many models of famous places: Teddy in Myoung Dong, Teddy in Seoul Square, Teddy in Children Great Park, Teddy in Dong Daemun Market… “Revival of sightseeing inside the sightseeing” is such a great idea!

Teddy bear and the Children Grand Park

Teddy bear and the wedding ceremony

Teddy bear souvenir shop


If you are a witch, yes, you can fly. But you also have to fight with the wind ^^. If you go up 236.7m by the elevator, you can beat a witch ^^

The 236.7m Seoul Tower sits atop Namsan Mountain (243m), rotates every 48minutes. Seoul Tower offers a panoramic 360 degree view of Seoul and the surrounding areas. Resulting from a 15 billion won remodeling in December 2005, the new lighting system changes the tower’s overall color scheme, event coordinators can now decorate the tower for each new season or event.

At the base of Seoul Tower visitors can find the Media Zone, a Pavilion Experience Hall, the Roof Terrace, exhibition rooms, performance halls and the Sky Restroom (an artfully decorated space which offer breathtaking views of the cityscape).

Love Trees (Love Wall)

Expressing love is always a beautiful view. What can be warmer and more peaceful than keeping the hope of being together… forever? People have been to N Seoul Tower, leave their love lock in the Love tree, throw away the key, they show people their heart and ask nature to keep their love. Respecting love is one of the Korean tourist attractions.

Buying a couple lock in a souvenir shop

Love Tree

Love Wall

After seeing thousands of love messages and lover faces in love trees and love walls around N Seoul Tower, the Flower Witch and the Grasshopper Magician started asking each other what love was. They asked how a lover got his/her magic energy from a hug, a kiss. And they wondered how come “being together” had its magic power that brought comfortable and proud feeling to human’s world. Suddenly, they realized that they had finished their N Seoul tower trip successfully together. That was the first time they found out the magic that not came from their control. They wondered themselves if N Seoul Tower lighten between them something so-called love.


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